Fox Home Entertainment has released the first trailer for the upcoming Jingle All The Way 2, while also confirmed some minor details about the plot.

The movie will once again feature desperate dads going head-to-head to get their hands on the years must-have Christmas toy. After the hunt for Turbo Man in the original Jingle All The Way, Harrison Bear is the toy at the centre of the rush this time around.

Larry – played by Larry The Cable Guy – is desperate to get his hands on the bear for his daughter Noel. It’s the only thing she wants for Christmas but it is sold out nationwide. Noel’s stepdad wants to keep it that way by being the only one to get the prized-toy.

The trailer is brief. Failing Christmas lights, seasonal music and a little slapstick comedy all feature in the short presentation from Fox.

We are desperate to like this film, but the more we read about it, the more worried we are. Is this just a Christmas remake with the title of the first movie used for easy marketing?

The film will feature in our Christmas Movies section shortly.