Here at Feel Christmassy, we adore Christmas movies.  Streaming service Netflix is one of the best ways to watch movies instantly, and so we’re going to keep this list of Christmas films on Netflix as up-to-date as possible until Christmas – it seems like the right thing to do!

We’ve split it in to family Christmas films, movies for older audiences, Christmas horror films and Christmas films for kids.  Additionally, we’ve also listed any Christmas special TV shows that appear on our Netflix radar.

Christmas movies

A Christmas Detour (2015)

This is one of those Christmas films that is an easy watch! A Christmas Detour tells the story of a bride-to-be struggling to make it home to meet her future in-laws at Christmas. That is, until a cycnical bar tender helps her out.

All I Want for Christmas (1991)

Brother and sister Hallie and Ethan want only one thing for Christmas, and that’s the reconciliation of their divorced parents.  The odds are stacked against them.  Starring the great Leslie Neisen, New York City in all its glory and a cool American Diner!

Arthur Christmas (2011)

This smash-hit animated Christmas movie was released in cinemas back in 2011 – can you believe it’s already five years old?!  It’s an excellent movie for all the family, and tells the story of Santa Claus and his Christmas-mad son Arthur who is tasked with carrying out a special Christmas mission.  Adults will love this just as much as the kids!

A Very Murray Christmas (2015)

This Netflix original was released in 2015 and sees Bill Murray host an all-star cast for an evening for festive fun!  Expect music, entertainment, dance and jokes as Murray is joined by a host of American celebrities.

Christmas Angel (2012)

While writing a school assignment about the subject of Christmas, schoolgirl Olivia begins to notice her Christmas wishes are beginning to come true.

Christmas Wedding Baby (2014)

This TV movie is an okay watch, not the most fesive however.  As a lady prepares to marry her fiance, she discovers that the wedding will be photographed by her ex-boyfriend.  Awkward.

Dreamworks’ Holiday Classics (2011)

This one of for kids and adults alike.  All of your favourite animated Dreamworks characters are involved in these five great Christmas shorts.

Happy Christmas (2014)

Christmas is a time for love and friendships, however a young woman finds herself in a self-destructive cycle after splitting up with her boyfriend shortly before Christmas. Can she break get out of the rut and start over?

Home Alone (1990)

One of the all-time classic movies has now hit Netfliex.  Follow Macauley Culkin on his epic Christmas adventure defending the family home from criminals (Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern).  They don’t come much better.

Jingle All The Way (1996)

Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sinbad, this belting Christmas movie follows the aforementioned due as they both race around to get their hands on the number one selling Christmas toy.  They’ve left it a little late though, it’s Christmas Eve.

Mandie and the Forgotten Christmas (2011)

This Christmas mystery features Kelly Washington and Amanda Waters, and tells the story of a forbidden attic which has a Christmas secret nobody must know.

Once Upon A Holiday (2015)

Bored of her privileged lifestyle, a princess goes AWOL from her royal duties during a visit to a big city.  Eager to experience how normal people live, she ends up meeting a guy who shows her, and we think there may be a strong chance of romance!

Scrooged (1988)

What a Christmas movie this is, once of the true classics.  Bill Murray stars in this film as a cold-hearted televison executive gets the real meaning of Christmas rammed down his throat, the hard way.  It’s an outstanding take on Dicken’s A Christmas Carol, and is a must watch.

Christmas movies for older audiences

Happy Christmas (2014)

After splitting up with her boyfriend just before Christmas, a young woman aims to start over.  However, her self-destructive behaviour gets in the way.

Christmas Horror

Black Christmas (1974)

If there’s one movie to get you in to the Christmas spirit, this probably won’t be it. However, the plot sees a house full of students enjoying the build-up to the Christmas break plagued by a series of menacing phone calls that soon turn the Christmas cheer in to Christmas fear. A merry Christmas, indeed.

Krampus (2013)

This isn’t a partcularly great move, but if you like horror and you like Christmas, it may do the job for you.  After the kidnap and failed killing of a child, the victim grows up to become a detective. A detective hell-bent on finding the person kidknapping kids each Christmas.  Not your typical festive feel-good!

TV Shows


Christmas specials from 2009 and 2011 both currently showing on Netflix.

The Royle Family

Christmas shows from both 2000 and 2008.


Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure

Casper’s Haunted Christmas

Dreamworks’ Holiday Classics (See above)

Santa Claus

The Swan Princess Christmas



Last updated: 18th November, 2016