Jingle All The Way
Great castFamily friendlyRewatchable
Slightly predictableA little too slapstick in parts
77%The festive tough guy
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Arnold Schwarzenegger made his name as a tough man body-builder before becoming an action movie superstar. So when he was cast alongside Sinbad in the 1996 family festive movie Jingle All The Way, there were plenty of sceptics awaiting the release.

While the critics may not have liked it that much (do they ever?), the signs are most normal punters around the world certainly did. The movie brought in over $12million in its first weekend at the US Box Office, and by the time its run had finished, it had grossed $129million, comfortably repaying the $75million budget

Replayed on TV in the UK every Christmas and available for just a matter of a few pounds on DVD, it has become a staple film for many Christmas movie lovers in the UK and US.

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The plot – unspoilt
The movie centres on Schwarzenegger who plays stressed-out business exec Howard Langston who has spent too much time focusing on work, and not enough on family. As a result he has forgotten to buy Turbo Man – the must-have Christmas toy – for son Charlie and must set about finding one on Christmas Eve.

With neighbour Ted moving in on his wife as well, Howard takes matters in to his own hands and has to deal with 7ft Santa’s, an irate postman played by Sinbad and no end of obstacles as he races against time to get the toy.

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