I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
It's a bit of fun for kids
May test patience of adultsSlightly far-fetched
55%A bit of fun
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This 2001 film was released straight to television in the US and stars real-life twins Dylan and Cole Sprouse sharing the part of Justin, a child who sees Santa kissing his Mum (or Mom, for our US visitors).

The plot – unspoilt

Alarmed, Justin sets about changing his ways from a well-behaved schoolboy to naughty rebel in an attempt to keep Santa from visiting his Mom on Christmas Eve.  He takes a dislike to all of the Santa’s at local malls and plots revenge on the man in the red suit along with his best friend.

The problem is, Justin’s Dad is then away on business for a few days, adding fuel to the fire in Justin’s own mind that his parents may be about to separate thanks to Santa’s sleazy antics.

Can Justin do enough to keep his family together?

What we thought

A decent kids film, but it tries a little bit of Home Alone, but the neither the script nor cast are strong enough to make this a must-see.  Cole Sprouse does play his part well but things just weren’t polished enough to drag that score up some more.

Nothing ground-breaking with the cinematography and no headline sound track, although both of these are the norm for straight-to-TV movies.  I remember watching this when I was around 15/16 and thinking it was okay.  Watching it again in my early 30s, and it isn’t quite as entertaining as I remember.

Kids will probably like it.