There’s a familiar Christmas confectionary product beginning to arrive back into UK supermarkets this month as we begin to gear up for the festive shopping season.

Yes, for the first time in almost a decade, Cadbury has once again started to produce its Dairy Milk chocolate coins, an icon of Christmases of yesteryear. And, they’re available to buy RIGHT NOW.

It was back in October 2014 when the confectionary giant revealed that it had discontinued the beloved coins, stating that they just weren’t as profitable to produce any more, could not be marketed in their brand ‘purple’ and also citing its belief that customers had begun to purchase supermarket own-brand equivalents for cheaper.

However, finally, that decision has been reversed, as confirmed last month by Cadbury, and the the Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate coins are now popping up in supermarkets up and down the land.

We have already noticed them on shelves at both Tesco and Asda. You cannot miss them, with the familiar branded Dairy Milk tag and the netted pouch containing a bundle of golden foil-wrapped coins.

The only difference we have so far noticed to the old version is that, rather than the coins being a mixture of silver and gold and in different sizes, they’re all one-size and wrapped in golden foil. We’re fine with that, we’re just thrilled to have them back! 

Asda have them on sale for £1.50 at the moment, the same price seemingly at Tesco. They’re also available to buy online direct from Cadbury.

They are weirdly 50p dearer to buy direct though, with a cost of £2.

If you have missed them too much, you may want to buy in bulk. An entire box of 54 individual pouches for £107.46 from Cadbury Direct on Amazon – that’s £1.99 per pack, so still cheaper to grab a load in the supermarket instead! 

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re craving your nostalgia-filled chocolatey treat, grab them while you can!

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