Ernest Saves Christmas
Classic from the days of VHSGood to watch every few years
Can become a little tedious
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Ernest Saves Christmas is a bit of a cult classic with fans of the Ernest film series, or just with fans of slapstick comedy at Christmas time.

I first saw this movie as a kid, but then didn’t see it for a few years before managing to buy a copy on VHS! It has never made it to DVD in the UK, although did in the US.  Now, it is a staple part of the build up to Christmas!

The plot – unspoilt!

Ernest P. Worrell is the film’s main character and is played by Jim Varney.  Working as a taxi driver in Orlando, Ernest is on duty when he picks an elderly man up from Orland International Airport.

Ernest is a Christmas fanatic.  His taxi has a Christmas snow globe on the steering wheel and he happily hums festive songs as he erratically speeds along the highway.  Such is his fascination of all things Christmas, when a lorry carrying Christmas trees drops one on the highway, he screeches to a halt in the cab, jumps out, and takes the tree home.

The old man in the back of his cab claims he is Santa and is in town to inform a local celebrity that he is to take over his seasonal duties from this year.  Ernest and Santa team up to try and set about convincing the celebrity of his festive calling.

Predictable but fun

Although some parts of the movie are slightly predictable, and possibly some of the jokes are now a little dated (the film was released in 1988!), it is still a Christmas classic and well worth a watch.