Christmas film Jingle All The Way 2 is to be shown on UK television for the first time on Friday (6th November), with Sky Movies screening the movie.

The sequel to the popular 1996 original starring Arnold Schwarzenegger was released straight to Blu Ray and DVD last year but hits UK television screens for the first time this week. It’s expected to stay available to Sky Movies subscribers throughout December on their demand service.

The movie stars Larry the Cable Guy (as himself) who ends up in a head-to-head competition with his child’s step father to be top Dad at Christmas. As with the first movie in the franchise, the number one Christmas toy is at the centre of the plot as the two men grapple to get their hands on it in time for Christmas Day.

It’s definitely a family movie, and includes some beautifully tacky Christmas lights on a trailer (caravan) and plenty of mishaps along the way.

However, fans of the original film should not get their hopes up too much. This movie has been produced by a different company (WWE Studios) and features an entirely different cast. As you may expect from a picture coming out of WWE Studios, it also stars a professional wrestler with Santino Marella featuring.

If you don’t have Sky Movies, don’t worry too much. You can purchase the film the old fashion way on Blu Ray and DVD (see links below), or it can be purchased or hired through iTunes and Amazon in digital format.

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