Now that the festive season is in full swing and people begin to break from work for a hard-earned Christmas rest, more and more will be sitting down to watch Christmas films with their family.

One of the most popular is the 1996 production Jingle All The Way, starring Hollywood megastar Arnold Schwarzenegger and a host of other well-known names.

Since it was released, much has happened to the stars of the movie, some of it successful, some tragic.  Here is what happened to them after the movie was complete.

Arnold Schwarzenegger (Harold Langston)arnie

One of the movie industry’s biggest stars, ‘Arnie’ made four more films in the few years immediately after Jingle All The Way, including Collateral Damage and Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.

However, in 2003 his career took a different turn after he ran for, and was elected, as the Governor of California.  He stayed in office for 8 years before leaving in 2011, and despite a positive start, left with record low approval ratings.

His term in office wasn’t the only thing coming to an end, as his marriage to Maria Shriver also ended in 2011, with revelations coming to light that he had fathered a child more than 14 years earlier with an employee in their household.

After a near 10-year break from acting, the Schwarzenegger return to the film-making business in 2012 with the Expendables 2 and also starred in two movies released this year (2013).

With at least two more films lined up for 2014 and a fifth Terminator movie in the offing, it looks like Arnie will be around for a good while longer yet.

Sinbad (Myron Larabee, aka mail man)sinbad

Since starring in Jingle All The Way, Sinbad has continued to play occasional acting roles and also did a voiceover for the character ‘Roper’ in Disney’s 2013 animated Planes.

It’s fair to say the success he enjoyed with Jingle All The Way has not been repeated as of yet in the acting capacity – the 2007 movie Good Burger was cringe worthy at best.  The rumoured 2014 release of The Independents could put this right.

Away from TV and film, Sinbad has filed for bankruptcy twice, the most recent being reported by TMZ in May 2013.  Some media outlets speculated the comedian-come-actor had stacked up debts of $8million.

He is though continuing to entertain his fans across the United States, and at the time of writing (December 2013), is in the middle of a nationwide stand-up comedy tour.

Phil Hartman (Ted Maltin)philhartman

Phil Hartman got high praise for the role of Ted, the intrusive neighbour, in Jingle All The Way and was widely regarded as one of Hollywood’s best talents.  He would go on to feature in only three more movies before his career, and life, was cut tragically short.

Phil had gone to bed on the evening of May 27, 1998, following a heated argument with his wife Brynn Hartman.  He had reportedly threatened to leave her if she had started to use drugs again.  In the early hours of the next morning, as he slept, Brynn Hartman shot her husband dead.  She would later turn the gun on herself and commit suicide.

Tributes poured in from those in the movie industry following his death.  Director Joe Danta, who worked with Hartman on the 1998 production Small Soliders, said: “He was one of those guys who was a dream to work with. I don’t know anybody who didn’t like him.”

In June 2013, it was announced that Hartman would receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Rita Wilson (Liz Langston)rita

An actress, singer and producer, Wilson’s talents have been widely recognised with a number of different roles in Hollywood.

Since filming Jingle All The Way, Wilson has starred in many movies, including Psycho, Runaway Bride, It’s Complicated and The Art of Getting By.

Perhaps more impressive still is her record as a Producer.  She produced My Big Fat Greek Wedding in 2002, winning the Producers Guild of America Visionary Award while also being nominated for Producers Guild of America Award for Motion Picture Producer of the Year.

Bigger things were just around the corner for Wilson who would go on to be Executive Producer on the all-conquering Mamma Mia in 2008.

Wilson has been married to Hollywood superstar Tom Hanks since 1988.

Jamie Langston (Jake Lloyd)jamie

Now 24, Jake Lloyd is one of those actors who can certainly be positioned as a former child star.

Playing Jamie in Jingle All The Way would prove to be the launchpad for an even bigger opportunity as the Colorado-born youngster became part of the Star Wars franchise.

Lloyd played Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace in 1999, a movie that generated more than $1billion at the Box Office.  His character would go on to appear in five Star Wars video games, while he also had brief roles in a few TV shows including ER.

After playing the character Mike McCormick in the 2005 film Madison, Lloyd retired from acting completely aged 16.

He cited bullying from classmates and having to do up to 60 media interviews a day as reason for his retirement and moved from Hollywood to Chicago to get away from the limelight.  He studied Film and Video at Columbia College Chicago.

Following his acting career, Lloyd is reported to have destroyed his collection of Star Wars memorabilia and does not watch any of his movies.

Robert Conrad (Officer Hummell)officer

A prolific Movie and TV Actor, Conrad’s role as Officer Hummell in Jingle All The Way has – so far – proven to be one of the last movie acting roles of his career.

Now 78, Conrad is partially paralysed on his right side having been injured in a car accident in 2003, an accident he would later plead no contest for having been over the drink-drive limit.

Having played some major TV roles in the likes of hit US show Wild Wild West, and also featured in Columbo and Nash Bridges, Conrad’s last movie acting role was in the 2002 release Dead Above Ground.  However, it is rumoured that the veteran could have an acting return lined up in 2014 with Sunset at Dawn, a movie based on a true crime story of an Italian child.

In total, he has over 70 acting credits to his name and his been a Producer on several American TV shows.

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