The 1996 Christmas film Jingle All The Way is to get a belated sequel. It’s flown under the radar for many, including us, but we understand it will go straight to DVD and looks like being available in the UK in time for Christmas.

The original movie starred Hollywood superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger, Comedian Sinbad and the late Phil Hartman. It was a huge success, raking in $129million at the box office worldwide, and no doubt selling millions of copies on DVD.

It looks highly unlikely that the sequel will reach the same heights, not least because it won’t be having a cinematic release.

Jingle All The Way 2 was actually announced early this year but garnered very little attention. Shooting began in March and the movie is now complete and awaiting distribution.

Here’s the disappointing news though.

The movie is made by 20th Century Fox and WWE Studios, the latter being the movie arm of the World Wrestling Entertainment, and some older readers may know it as the WWF. As such, it looks as though it will not include any of the former cast, including Arnie.

Instead, Larry the Cable Guy (yes, that’s his real name) is taking the starring role and wrestler Santino Marella is also listed as a cast member. Don’t be too downbeat at the thought of a wrestler being involved, after all, the original movie did include Paul Wight, otherwise known as The Big Show, another WWE wrestler.

We understand the movie is to be released on DVD in the UK on December 2nd and the British Board of Film Classification yesterday announced via their website that the movie will be rated as ‘U’.

Unfortunately there is a severe lack of information available about this movie; no plot, no publicity, and little in the way of assets other than the artwork above.

We have contacted WWE Studios asking for any of the above and will keep you informed.

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