It’s one of the most eagerly anticipated Christmas television commercials of the year, and rumours are rife online that a teaser for the new John Lewis 2017 Christmas ad has be posted on Twitter.

A new Twitter account called @UnderTheBed appeared online in the last couple of days and this morning (Monday) posted a brief video clip of some eyes looking out from under a bed, accompanied with the hashtag #UnderTheBed.

Speculation online all points to this being the first teaser in a roll-out of John Lewis’ 2017 Christmas Ad, following a similar social media teaser being released last year.

This year, it’s rumoured that the ad will include a lovable ‘monster’ that audiences will fall in love with, probably along similar lines to the Gruffalo. This seems viable, and will also be perfect for marketing the range of merchandise that usually accompanies the release of the Christmas ad.

We understand that the brand new John Lewis ad was due to premiere on ITV on November 12th, which is this Sunday evening. However, speculation suggests it will be this Friday instead, 10th November which will be the same date that it premiered last year.

John Lewis have refused to comment on the speculation that #UnderTheBed is related to their Christmas ad, but for many people it was appearing as a promoted Tweet on Twitter as well. Even if it is not John Lewis (which we’re certain it will be), make no mistake that it is a paid media campaign of some sort.

We’d expect to see the new ad hit social media on Friday or Monday, followed by a TV premiere on the same day during a prime time slot.