Long gone are the days of kids enjoying the simple pleasure of opening a door of a simple advent calendar to reveal a festive message or image. Instead, the Christmas advent calendars for kids of 2016 are stacked full of toys!

As we embrace the arrival of November and the countdown to December begins, we can look forward to all of the traditions which come with the month of December. One such tradition is that of advent calendars for kids (adults can have them too – check out our article later in the week for that!).

For many of us a simple, thinly-constructed advent calendar was more than enough when we were younger. With pictures of angels, Christmas trees and festive fruit, we would excitedly open the doors each morning to reveal the next image or message.

Then came the chocolate advent calendar, and let’s face it, we all loved those. However, in 2016 the growing trend of toy-filled advent calendars has well and truly taken off.

Here are our favourites.


Lego City Advent Calendar

legocityadventcalendarEverybody’s favourite toy maker Lego were one of the first companies to begin producing toy-filled advent calendars a few years ago, although they appeal as much to some adults as they do kids. The 2016 edition is a fun-packed winter scene with a new part of the scene behind each of the 24 doors.

As to be expected, the lucky recipient must put each small model together, with the front of the box folding down to use as a base for the emerging scene. It features a sledding Santa, an impromptu game of ice hockey on the village lake and other amusing bits and bobs. These often sell-out, so grab one early!

Hot Wheels Advent Calendar

hotwheelsadventcalendarIf your child is a fan of toy cars, then the brand new Hot Wheels Advent Calendar is one to look at. With 8 Hot Wheels cars and 16 decorative decors in each calendar, this novel calendar will really engage your young one this December and is sure to sell well.


Playmobil Advent Calendars

playmobiladventalendarIf you’ve got children between the ages of 4 and 10, then Playmobil’s advent calendar offering could be the ideal. There are two different designs to choose from, one being a snowy winter ice skating park and the other is Santa’s workshop. The figures in both look of good quality, if not a little creepy in some instances!

Minions Advent Calendar (Mattel Mega Blocks)

despicablemeThis was actually released last year, but stock remains available and with the seemingly enduring popularity of the little critters from Dispicable Me, it’s likely to remain popular. Aimed at the ages of 5 and over, this is actually decent value alongside some of the others in this article. There is a buildable model behind each of the 24 doors with a total of 221 pieces.

Play-Doh Advent Calendar

playdohadventOne of the more creative choices, this Play-Doh advent calendar is great for the younger kiddies three years old and upwards. Featuring five tubs of Play-Doh, including two Christmassy sparkle ones, there are also lots of great templates and moulds of things such as Christmas stockings and presents. A creative and Christmassy treat for the little ones.

Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar

legostarswarsadventcalendarAnother from Lego’s range, the Star Wars advent calendar has been produced annually by Lego for several years with a new design and new collectible figures each time. It has a collection of holiday-themed Star Wars minifigures and a play mat as well, so those youngsters (and adults) that love Star Wars are going to really enjoy this.


Toot-Toot Animals Advent Calendar

toottootAt £24.95, this is another advent calendar at the top end of the pricing structure. However, it could be just what you need to keep the kids happy for an hour or so each day in the run-up to Christmas. There are Toot-Toot Animals and Toot-Toot Drivers variants available, with small road layouts on which to drive the Toot-Toots around!

Lego Friends Advent Calendar

legofriendsadventcalendarThe third and final Lego advent calendar for 2016, this one is from their “Friends” range. Once again, there are 24 doors containing a range of models and minifigures, as well as a fold-down mat on which your scene can be constructed.


EPL Match Attacks Advent Calendar

matchLast and by no means least, this football-themed calendar is already selling incredibly well and promises to sell-out. Featuring 24 Match Attax packets, including a limited edition card, this is going to be insanely popular in homes around the country this December. Grab one before they go!

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