It may only be May, but details of Christmas movie releases across both Cinema and TV for 2015 are emerging. The headline 2015 release looks like being X-mas, which sounds like a festive version of The Hangover, set in New York City.

  • The movie sees three childhood friends reunite for their annual Christmas Eve alcohol-fuelled blowout in New York City. Chaos ensues.
  • Stars Seth Rogen, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Anthony Mackie and apparently, Kanye West.
  • Shot in NYC in August and December, 2014
  • Release: 11th December (UK), 25th November (US)

X-mas has a strong cast and crew, while being set in The Big Apple, the usual show-stopping NYC festive decorations will no doubt be front and central.  In fact, we already know that some filming was done in late December 2014 around the Rockefeller Christmas Tree. So that’s a solid enough start for us.

Rogen stars alongside Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Inception, The Dark Knight Rises), Anthony Mackie (The Hurt Locker, Million Dollar Baby) and also Lizzie Caplan, who makes a return to New York-themed movies following her role in Cloverfield (2008).

Several sources also confirm that Kanye West has a role in the movie, but we’re yet to hear or find any information out about his role.  We suspect he will be playing himself, possibly in a Mike Tyson Hangover-esq type meeting (minus the Tigers).  But we’re guessing.

The plot sees the three friends meet up in New York City to continue their annual tradition of a big night out on Christmas Eve.  However, fearing it will be their last, they set out to find the holy grail of Christmas parties on a night of debauchery.

There will definitely be alcohol and some drugs, and certainly laughs aplenty in what has been a quite closely guarded plot so far.

The majority of shooting on-location took place in New York City in August 2014, with some more happening in Manhattan between Christmas and New Year.

We look forward to more details emerging as its November release in the US draws near.

Columbia Pictures are releasing the film, produced by Good Universe and Point Grey Pictures.