One of the final movies that late Hollywood superstar Robin Williams worked on was a Christmas film, and it will be released in the UK straight to DVD/Blu-Ray in less than a month.

A Merry Christmas Miracle, which will carry the title A Merry Friggin Christmas in the US, is expected to be released in the UK on 1st December and is already available for pre-order on Amazon.

The story centres on Boyd Mitchler (Joel McHale) who must spend Christmas with his estranged family.

However, having realised he has left all of son’s Christmas presents back at home, Boyd hits the road for an eight-hour roundtrip in blizzard conditions – and he is joined by his father, Mitch (Williams), who he has been avoiding for years.

As they race against the clock to return before sunrise and save Christmas, the father and son duo attempt to build bridges and reflect on their family problems, not least Mitch who is a recovering alcoholic and less-than-perfect father.

It’s described as a black comedy and was recently re-cut by producers in order to honour Williams’ memory, for whom this was one of his final projects before his untimely death in August.

The trailer for the movie is available below. We will carry a full review in our Christmas Films section once we have seen it for ourselves.