Following on from our interview with Writer and Director of the Nativity movies, Debbie Isitt, we were very fortunate to receive lots of rare behind-the-scenes photos from the filming of the three Nativity films.

The photos are great and provide a little in-sight in to life on set.  We’d like to say a HUGE thank you to Debbie for sharing the photos with us, and allowing us to publish them.

All photos of the property and copyright of Debbie and must not be reproduced without permission.

Nativity 1


Debbie Isitt with Martin Freeman in the Hollywood Hills during films for Nativity.


On set at Nativity, including Debbie Isiit, far right, and Jason Watkins (Mr Shakespeare), second from right


Left to right, Marc Wootton, Debbie Isitt and Martin Freeman on the set of Nativity rehearsing for the show at the end of the movie


Pam Ferris on stage at St Bernadette’s School during the filming of Nativity

Nativity 2


Debbie Isitt on set with Santa Claus (played by John Percival)


Behind-the-scenes during filming, with Debbie Isitt


Debbie Isitt on set, complete with Elf ears, in Santa’s sleigh


Marc Wootton (Mr Poppy) filming with one of the younger cast members, and a reindeer


Shooting for the white water rafting scene on Nativity 2


An off-camera chat during the filming of Nativity 2, with Joanna Page (Mrs Peterson) left, Marc Wootton (Mr Poppy) top, David Tennant (Mr Peterson) right, and Debbie Isitt below.

Nativity 3


Debbie Isitt on set of Nativity 3: Dude, Where’s My Donkey, in Central Park, New York City


Debbie Isitt and Marc Wootton (Mr Poppy) share a joke between filming in New York City


Martin Clunes (Mr Shepherd) and Marc Wootton (Mr Poppy) enjoy a laugh together off-camera between filming


Debbie Isitt directs Marc Wooton and Martin Clunes for the model village scene in Nativity 3

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