Fans of Home Alone and pizza will be in dreamland today as UberEATS and Twentieth Century Fox join forces to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the original Home Alone movie.

Users of the UberEATS app in certain cities in the US will be able to order a Little Nero’s Cheese Pizza today for one day only.  The pizza will even be delivered in an authentic Little Nero’s Pizza box!

The promotion celebrates the quarter-century anniversary of one of the most successful comedy movies of all time, not to mention the one of the best Christmas films ever.  It was released in the US in November 1990 and followed in the UK on 7th December of the same year.

In the original Home Alone, the extended McCallister family crowd around the dining room table for a pizza feast from Little Nero’s, while later in the film the Little Nero’s Pizza delivery guy delivers a whole cheese pizza just for me – me being Kevin McAllister (Culkin).

There is also the trademark Little Nero’s delivery style where a small statue is knocked over on the McCallister’s driveway each time a pizza is delivered.

The movie made Macauley Culkin a household name and also starred Joe Pesci, John Heard and Daniel Stern.

It looks as though movie fans in the UK are out of luck if they’re hoping for one of the Little Nero’s Pizzas for themselves.  There is no word of any similar promotion occurring on these shores.