The fantastically-festive Christmas 24 returns to our channel line-ups this Saturday and will waste no time in screening some new TV Christmas premieres.

Christmas 24 is from the guys behind the Universal Channel, known in the US as Hallmark. It’s actually Movies 24, but transforms itself for the festive season.

Little do most people know, but a sizeable collection of Christmas films are made and released every year, though most go straight to TV. Many are only released in the USA in the first year, but they inevitably find their way to our shores by the following year. Christmas 24 is a treasure trove of such movies.

The channel will begin screening again from November 1st and will stay with us until early January. What’s more, you don’t have to wait long for the first UK TV premiere, with Paper Angels being shown at 3pm on Saturday 1st. They will then continue to show premieres at 3pm and 5pm every Saturday and Sunday until Christmas.

Excited? We certainly are!

Here is the full line-up of UK premieres on Christmas 24 in November:

Paper Angels

Saturday 1st November, 3pm

Christmas 24 run with Paper Angels as their first premiere of the season, it is a 2014 release globally. It features an abused wife leaves her alcoholic husband and moves to another town with her children, working as a waitress to make ends meet. There, their lives entwine with another family in trouble, but hope arrives via the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree programme.

Pictured above.

Holiday Road Trip

Sunday 2nd November, 3pm

First released on TV in America last year, Holiday Road Trip tells the story of two employees from a high-profile pet store who find themselves on the road together during the holidays. Accompanied by the company mascot – a dog named Scoots – the pair are like chalk and cheese, yet as the stories progresses, the mutual-loathing soon gives way to romance.

Hats Off To Christmas

Sunday 2nd November, 5pm

Mia has worked loyally in a small-town Christmas hat store for 10 years, slowly working her way up to Manager. However, when the owner’s son is given a new job role which she coveted, she must fight the animosity and train him for the positon. Can the pair put their difference aside?

All I Want For Christmas

Saturday 8th November, 5pm

It seems as though a new movie is released with this title every year or so. This 2013 picture features an attractive but self-centred young woman who unexpectedly meets Santa’s helper, St Nick, while out shopping. She confides in him in return for an extraordinary Christmas wish.

Snow Bride

Saturday 8th November, 8pm

Another 2013 release on the other side of the pond, Snow Bride features a Los Angeles gossip magazine reporter (Katrina Law) who is one big scoop away from promotion. Her Editor gets wind of a scandal involving a senator’s family and she sets off in pursuit of the story, following the family to a mountain resort. They are nothing as she imagined, especially the sensitive eldest son.

The Christmas Spirit

Saturday 15th November, 3pm

We love the sound of this one, sounds like a heart-warmer in the making, and another 2013 US release. A journalist home for the Christmas holidays suffers a car crash while on the trail of a shady developer. In a coma, her spirit makes contact with another spirit whose identity is a surprise. Starring Nicollette Sheridan and Olympia Dukakis.


Angel On A Tree

Sunday 16th November, 3pm

Although she is upset from a recent breakup, Corrine happily prepares for Christmas, playing carols on the piano in the music store where she works. Romance arrives when Corrine’s new colleague, Harold, makes her view co-worker Dave in a new light.

Christmas Parade

Saturday 29th November, 3pm

A TV host is humiliated on air by her fiancé and winds up in a small town aftercrashing hercar. Forced to do community service, she helps the town’s kids with their float for the Christmas parade, growing closer to the man who rescued her from the accident.

The Greatest Christmas Party Ever

Sunday 30th November, 5pm

New York. A toy store. Christmas. Do we even need to continue?

A young party planner arranges a Christmas event for a New York toy store, mindful that her boss is retiring at the end of the year. When a big corporation threatens to shut down her ambitious community shindig, she follows her heart.

Finding Christmas

Sunday 30th November, 3pm

A divorced mother (Tricia Helfer) and her recently single brother (JT Hodges), both feeling out of luck with love, find Christmas romance after a home exchange brings new people into their lives. But what happens as the end of the exchange approaches?

So that’s the November premieres. What do you make of them? Leave us some comments below.

We will bring you December’s list of premieres as soon as we know them. Thanks to the guys at Christmas 24 for giving us this information.
Christmas 24 is available on Sky channel 327, Virgin 419 and Smallworld Cable 329.