It may be still be some time off, but we’re already excited for the festive season. Furthermore, we have news of some great 2016 Christmas movies which have already put huge smiles on our faces!

Bad Santa 2

Finally, it has been all-but confirmed that the long overdue sequel to the slightly dark Christmas comedy Bad Santa will hit cinemas around the world this year. Yes, 13 years after Billy Bob Thornton’s original box office smash and after many false dawns, Bad Santa 2 actually happening. And of everything we have read so far, this is our most-anticipated of the 2016 Christmas movies.

In February, eagle-eyed photographers in Montreal snapped some shots of Willie T Stokes (Thornton’s character) back in the red suit as shooting for the picture got under way. Check out our Bad Santa 2 page to find out more about the plot, but expect a release at the end of November.

Bad Santa 2 will hit US cinemas on November 23rd, with the UK getting it two days later. The storyline sounds as menacingly dark and brilliant as the original.

Office Christmas Party

Often we’re lucky if a Christmas movie release features any Hollywood A-listers, but 2016 sees Billy Bob in good company.

Jennifer Aniston is also appearing in a Christmas flick this year as she stars in the promising-sounding Office Christmas Party. When an uptight CEO of a company threatens to shut down one of the branches of the corporation, the branch manager – her brother – retaliates by throwing an almighty Christmas party.

Predictably, it gets out of hand, but we love the sound of an out of control Christmas party. The cast sounds pretty great too. Aniston is joined by Jason Bateman (Horrible Bosses, Couples Retreat), Olivia Munn (Iron Man 2, Zoolander 2) and T.J. Miller.

Office Christmas Party will be out early December. The US will get it first, probably December 7th, with the UK release coming on December 9th.

Almost Christmas

Elsewhere, Hollywood veteran Danny Glover is to star in Almost Christmas which will be released in November. Featuring a dysfunctional family who gather for Christmas for the first time since their Mum passed away, the not too much is known at this point. The picture is already on its third title having previously been called A Meyers Thanksgiving and A Meyers Christmas.

Lethal Weapon legend Glover will be joined by Omar Epps (House), Gabrielle Union (Bad Boys II) and Romany Malco (Last Vegas, The 40 Year Old Virgin, Blades of Glory).

Know of any more?

If you know of any more 2016 Christmas movies, either cinematic, TV or other, please let us know by emailing