Santa Who?
Leslie Nielsen
Bores easily
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Starring the late, great Leslie Nielsen, Santa Who? Is a warm and fun Christmas film that was never released in the cinema. It first aired on US channel ABC in the year 2000 and has gone on to be shown across the world on TV is always on the shelves amongst the other cheap Christmas DVD’s during the festive period.

The plot – unspoilt

A stormy Christmas Eve leads Santa, played by Nielsen, to fall from his sleigh in the skies above New York City. Dazed and confused, he develops amnesia and is unable to remember who he is, what his name is, or where he came from.

He is looked after by a TV news reporter who uses Santa as a festive feel-good story on the news as they start a campaign to get Santa home for Christmas by tracing his family.

As families come and go, Santa’s elves are also searching for the big man.  Will he be destined for a life in the big city, or will he remember his roots and fly home with the elves?

What we thought

This isn’t a classic by any means, but it is a nice film nonetheless and well worth a watch.  Nielsen plays his role well and the rest of the cast is okay, without being brilliant.  While there are some nice festive touches, it doesn’t stand out as being overly festive except the scene in the Christmass tree lot with reindeer.  For some reason, it always stands out in my mind, and I have no idea why.