I'll be home for Christmas
A bit differentFamily movie
A bit on the cheesy side
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Jonathan Taylor Thomas gives a great performance in this amusing and slightly mushy Christmas movie about a kid (teenager) trying to get home for Christmas with his family.

The plot – unspoilt

With the offer of his Dad’s sports car if he makes it home for Christmas, Jake (Taylor Thomas) needs to get from college in California to his family home in Larchmont, New York.  Add a love interest in along the way, Jake is about to learn a lot about himself and Christmas as he tries to get home.

To make matters worse, college rival Eddie and his mates kidnap Jake and leave him dumped in the desert before offering his girlfriend Allie a lift to New York, trying it on along the way.

His trip back home has the twists and turns you’d expect, but it’s nicely done and has a few laughs along the way.

What we thought

A fun Christmas film that has enough festive frolics crammed in to keep the interest going.  It’s one of those films that seems to be on TV every year, but even so, you happily sit through it.  Some great acting from a young Jonathon Taylor Thomas and a solid movie all around.

The festiveness is cranked up in the final scenes too.  We quite like it!