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At $33million, this was not a cheap film to make and stars Will Ferrell. Released in 2003, it’s a modern and popular family comedy that is very Christmassy and appeals to fans both young and old.

The plot – unspoilt

Ferrell plays the role of a young man named Buddy who was put up for adoption as a child and somehow found his way to the North Pole.  He now lives with Santa and, despite being 6ft 3in, he works as an elf and has been accepted as such.

However, after realising he was not cut out for the work of an elf, he decides it is time to head to New York City to track down his natural Dad. His Christmassy ways puzzle his real Father, Walter, played by James Caan.

Buddy takes to NYC well, but it isn’t long before those closest to him – including dad, Walter – struggle to deal with his festive urges and erratic behaviour.


If one of your “must haves” for a Christmas film is festiveness, this one has to be high on your list.  The huge budget and stellar cast has at least allowed the movie to go all-out in the Chritmassy stakes.  It’s difficult not to like Elf, and everyone we speak to seems to be as equally fond.

It has to be among your Christmas collection.