Disney's A Christmas Carol
Entertaining animation of a classic storySuitable for all the family
While it's a classic story, there are so many versions out there
73%Animated Classic
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Disney’s 2009 animated take on Charles Dickens’ legendary Christmas tale includes big-name voice-overs from the likes of Jim Carey and Gary Oldman.  With the helpful of a little artistic license as well, it’s certainly got enough about it to warrant a watch.

The plot – unspoilt

Most people with a passing interest in Christmas literature or film are likely to know the storyline behind this classic.  Set in London during the mid-1800s, seven years on from the death of business partner Jacob Marley, a miserable and miserly Scrooge is visited by Marley’s ghost who warns him that he will be visited by three spirits in the coming nights.

The spirits show him the past, present and future.  Will Scrooge see the error of his ways and come round to being a better person?  A more importantly, will he still have time to make amends before Christmas?


A classic story with a few extra bits thrown in and some stunning artwork and animation.