Christmas on Chestnut Street
A bit different
Predictable ending
51%Overall Score
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A somewhat predictable but nonetheless watchable Christmas film, it can be seen on Sky Christmas HD this year (2013).

The plot – unspoilt

When a hapless colleague orders 60000 Christmas lights by mistake, Lou Boyd needs to find a way of selling them all up before his friend is sacked from the Great American Store.  His solution – to organise a Christmas lights competition.

The competition brings out the worst of the residents of Chesnut Street as they battle to win the big prize of a free shopping spree on Christmas Day in the store.

Bring romance and elderly family in to the equation, and you have all the ingredients for the perennial festive film.


This is fairly watchable, but certainly no classic.  You can see what the end result will be from a mile off, but still, the same can be said for many Christmas movies.

There are worse films out there!