Nearly eight years after being originally mooted by lead Billy Bob Thornton, and after several years of delays and set-backs, 2016 will finally see the cinematic release of Bad Santa 2.

Bad Santa 2 comes 13 years after the original movie (Bad Santa) in which Thornton plays the role of Willie T Stokes who, along with his partner, unite for an annual Christmas con.  Posing as Santa and his elf, they steal from shopping malls in the run-up to Christmas.

Alcoholism, debauchery and mad cap antics along the way somehow helped make it a brilliant watch, and in some circles even considered a classic Christmas movie.  Ever since the sequel was suggested all those years ago, speculation and hope has led to disappointment and false dawns.

Bad Santa 2 IS coming in 2016

In late 2016 it was confirmed that the movie would definitely happen, and this was backed-up in February when photographs emerged of Billy Bob back in the big red suit filming in Montreal, Canada.  It’s all systems go, with a release scheduled for the last week in November.

Bad Santa 2 – The plot

Following on from robbing shopping malls in the original, Bad Santa 2 will see a similarly un-festive plot.  Willie this year conspires to steal from a charity. Not too much else is known at this point, but trusted sidekick Marcus (Tony Cox) will return as well Thurman Merman, played by Brett Kelly.

As Christmas is all about families, it is only right that Willie T Stokes’ will have his mum appear in Bad Santa 2.  Yes, his mum is also foul-mouthed, and the role is played by Kathy Bates.

This black Christmas crime comedy will be one of the most anticipated movies of the year.  Let’s cross our fingers that it stands up to the standards set by the original.