A family in Canberra, Australia, has reclaimed its 2011 crown of Guinness World Record holders for having the most Christmas lights on their home.

A staggering 502,165 lights, with 48 kilometers of wire, stretch their way around the home belonging to the Richards family.  An energy company is paying the cost that illuminating the house brings, some £1,400 per month.

David Richards decided to attempt to reclaim their title as Guinness World Record Holders after a family from New York took their crown away last year.  They didn’t beat it by much though, and that was all the incentive the family needed to have another go.

Speaking to the Canberra Courier, Dad of the family David Richards said:  “I thought 500,000 was a nice, round number so I decided to go all out because I may never do it again.”

“I have always loved Christmas. Having the Christmas lights with the community coming in and sharing it is a time when you get to know people you probably should know better”

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