It’s a busy time of the year for DVD and Blu-Ray releases with tonnes of box sets, special editions and re-mastered works coming out alongside new release movies. Amongst them are a fair few Christmas films, new and old, released for the first time.

Here’s a run-down of releases in the past week or so:

Saving Santa

This 83-minute animated film was released in the US last year and tells the story of a lowly stable elf who is the only one who can stop an invasion of the North Pole and save Santa. Predominantly aimed at Children, it’s available at supermarkets and Amazon for just £3.

The Christmas Candle

Starring Samantha Banks (Les Miserables), this film is set in 1890 England in the town of Glabury. Legend has it that the town candlemaker is visited by a an angel every 25 years. The angel touches a single candle, and whoever lights this candle receives a miracle on Christmas Eve. However, with the dawn of the electric age, the fight is on to save the Christmas Candle.

A Christmas Visitor

This 2002 TV movie gets a DVD release. The Boyajians family has not celebrated Christmas since their son died in the Persian Gulf War 11 years previous. As Christmas approaches the family is joined by a man who is around the age their son would have been. Is this a miracle, or is there a con artist at work?

A Christmas Wish

This seems to be a 2013 TV release now on DVD, but we’re not totally sure on it. There are several films of the same title. The story takes place in depression-hit America as the Kamp family are left reeling from the untimely death of Mrs Kamp. Overwhelmed by bills, Christmas looks like being free of festivities.

Santa Claws

We’ve had Santa Paws, now we have Santa Claws. This kids’ film tells the story of Santa who is allergic to cats. However, when he finally agrees to deliver a kitten for a well behaved child, things go a little off-course when the whole litter of kittens jump in Santa’s sack and cause an allergic reaction. With Santa out of the game, the cats must save Christmas by delivering the presents themselves.

A Christmas Tree Miracle

When a well to-do family falls on hard times, they are forced to leave their luxury home and live in motels. That is until a Christmas Tree farmer invites them to his home for Christmas and teaches them the real meaning of Christmas time. Released in the US in December 2013.

The Three Dogateers Save Christmas

Another film going down the route of “Christmas + Animals = Decent film” is this one. It sounds like a cross between Homeward Bound and Lady and The Tramp. In fact, it sounds strangely appealing.

Three dogs are left to guard their owners’ house on Christmas Eve, but when the house is burgled, the dogs are helpess to stop thieves getting away with presents, decorations and even the Christmas tree. The mutts set out on a courageous journey across the sprawling city in an attempt to find Santa who they believe will be able to help them save Christmas. They must also avoid the evil dog-catcher.

What’s not to love?

Silent Night

We really like the sound of this one. Originally released in 2002, Silent Night tells the story of a mother and her son who are in the Ardennes for Christmas during World War II. Seeking refuge in a cabin on Christmas Eve, they are soon joined by three American Prisoners of War. Later, three German soldiers also arrive. Despite their differences, the mother convinces all parties to put their differences aside and enjoy Christmas Eve. They soon find they have more in common than originally expected.

CBeebies Panto: A Christmas Carol

The stars of BBC CBeebies come together for a pantomime version of A Christmas Carol that the young kids are sure to like.

Allo Allo – Christmas Specials

Brilliant television from the 1990s. We’re at Café Rene in Northern France and the war is not going well for Germany. Surprises and laughs aplenty in these classic Christmas specials.