Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a trip to the cinema, and 2016 has some interesting Christmas film releases to make sure your festive movie cravings are satisfied.

As is standard now, movies are released in the cinema in late November and early December, meaning that if they bomb, they’ll be gone by Christmas!  So, it may pay to watch them fairly soon after release.

So, there are three big Christmas film releases at the cinema this year, and they are as follows:

Almost Christmas

Friday 25th November

Almost Christmas is an American comedy movie starring some well-known Hollywood faces, not least veteran of the silver screen, Danny Glover. Glover’s co-stars include Kimberley Elise, Omar Epps and Monique.

Following the death of his wife, Walter (Glover) tries to bring his family together for five days over Christmas. However, this large family is somewhat dysfunctional, and the chances of them surviving together under the same roof are highly unlikely.

This is a warm movie that is currently receiving above average reviews.

Bad Santa 2

Friday 25th November

This movie will need little introduction.  Finally, 13 years after the release of the original Bad Santa, the sequel finally finds its way to cinemas around the world. The main cast members reprise their roles from the first film, with Billy Bob Thornton playing Willie T. Stoke, the drunk, womanising thief that dresses as Santa during the Christmas period to aide his criminal activity.

Alongside him once again is his trusty sidekick Tony Cox and even a grown-up Brett Kelly returns in the role of Thurman Merman. Kelly has to gain a fair bit of weight ahead of his return to acting as Merman once again. Kathy Bates is a newcomer to the cast of Bad Santa 2 as she plays Willie’s mother.

The target of the troublesome duo this time around is a Chicago charity, which they hope to knock-off on Christmas Eve.

The movie is not going to be for the faint hearted. Expect lots of bad language, dark humour and criminal goings-on, but if you liked the first one, we expect the second will be up your street as well.  We just cannot wait for this – let’s hope it doesn’t disappoint.

Office Christmas Party

Wednesday 7th December

This film will almost certainly attract most of the publicity in 2016 thanks to a stellar cast, including Hollywood royalty, Jennifer Aniston. Jason Bateman and Jamie Chung star alongside Aniston in this big-budget picture which is likely to draw big receipts at the Box Office.

It follows Aniston’s character (Carol) who is a stroppy CEO of a company called Zenotek. She is intent on closing down another branch of the business which is ran by her brother Clay (TJ Miller). Clay decides that the best way to fight the shut-down is to throw a huge, lavish Christmas party to invest a potential client.  If successful, the client sale would save the branch and all of the jobs of his co-workers.

However, the party soon gets out of hand…