Christmas is a busy time for everyone, with family and friends visiting, presents to buy and a house to decorate.  With everything going on, you probably won’t want to be spending time in the kitchen, so why not check out one of these Christmas slow cooker recipes?

What are slow cookers, and why are they so great at Christmas?

Using the best slow cookers are an incredibly popular way of preparing fine, home-cooked meals without having to spend hours of time in the kitchen.  In fact, they’re available all over the world starting at very reasonable prices for a basic model, including around £20 in the UK and $20-30 in America, through to much more expensive and complex versions.

Christmas time is a great excuse to get your slow cooker out and cook up something wonderful for dinner, filling the house with beautiful aroma as the food slowly cooks to perfection.  If you don’t have a slow cooker

In fact, if you or a loved one is passionate about food and cooking, a slow cooker can make a perfect Christmas gift.

Christmas recipes for your slow cooker

Using a slow cooker at Christmas already saves you a lot of time, but we’ve saved you even more by trawling the internet for the best recipes we can find for this time of year.  Below are our five favourite slow cooker recipes for Christmas, and where you can find them.

  • Slow Cooker Gammon with sticky ginger glaze (BBC Good Food)
    This recipe is so festive, and perfect if you’ve got family or friends visiting and don’t have time to stand over the hob for hours. It’s so simple to do, and is a real tasty treat. Simply pop some cloves and onion in the bottom of the cooker, place the gammon on top, and pour in some ginger beer.  Leave to cook on a low setting for seven hours and then pop in to a conventional oven to finish it off.
  • Christmas turkey in the slow cooker (BBC Good Food)
    Another fine idea from the guys at BBC Good Food, this will free up valuable oven space on Christmas Day if you’re struggling for space. This will only really work if you’re cooking for a small number of guests, and you can also use turkey breasts for better results. Brown the turkey first, then bound with string and place the turkey parcels in the slow cooker with wine, bay and porcini liquor.
  • Slow cooker chilli con carne (
    This one isn’t as festive as the first two, however it’s a great recipe if you’re having a party and want something a little different to the traditional. It’s also a great dish to serve up as part of a warm buffet on New Year’s Eve.  It has all your usual ingredients (Beef mince, onions, chilli powder, etc) and cooks beautifully over more than eight hours.
  • Mulled wine (various)
    If you’ve ever tried heating through mulled wine in a small pan on the hob, you’ll know that if you turn your back for thirty seconds it can soon start to boil and much of the alcohol will burn off. You’re left with a sticky and overly sweet drink.  Why not use your slow cooker instead to keep that festive mulled wine at optimum temperature? No boiling, no burning.
  • Festive pulled pork (BBC Good Food)
    Pulled pork is undoubtedly one of the most popular recipes people use their slow cooker for, and it’s a perfect Christmas dish be able to bring out at parties and gatherings. There are a fair few ingredients needed to give the pork it’s incredible BBQ flavour, and it’s going to need 8 hours of cooking.  But wow, is it worth it!