The Santa Clause
Great family film
78%Cheerfully festive
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Released in 1994 and starring Tim Allen, The Santa Clause is a lovely film and it got a good reception overall in cinemas.  It took just shy of $200million at the Box Office, but there were few, if any, signs that this would transform itself in to a successful festive franchise of movies some eight years later.

The plot – unspoilt

The movie is based around the main character of Scott Calvin, played by Allen.  Calvin works for a toy company in Chicago and lives on his own.  Ex-wife Laura (Wendy Crewson) lives with their young son Charlie, as well as new partner Dr Neal Miller, played by the likeable Judge Reinhold.

It’s Christmas Eve, and Scott’s son has Charlie around to stay for the night.  Charlie is reluctant to stay with his father at first, and the burnt turkey and subsequent trip out for a meal at a local diner does little to lift his mood.

Struggling to sleep, Charlie asks his Dad to read a bedtime story.  After finally getting Charlie off to sleep, there is a bump in the night as Santa arrives on the Calvin’s roof.  Charlie wakes his Dad who rushes outside to see where the noise is coming from and startles Santa who falls off the roof.

Charlie convinces his Dad to put on the big red suit as per a card in Santa’s pocket instructing him to do so.  The pair must then finish Santa’s work on Christmas Eve.


A really enjoyable Christmas movies, certainly one of my ‘must watch’ pile every year.