Miracle on 34th Street (1994)
Wonderful performance from the late. great Richard AttenboroughMara Wilson is ace too
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72%Festive feel-good
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Remaking a classic movie is always dangerous, perhaps more so for Christmas favourites than other genres.  However, with the 1994 version of Miracle on 34th Street, Box Office takings suggest they did a decent job, with earnings of more then $46million.

The plot – unspoilt

If you’re not familiar with the plot of this film, you really need to watch it.  If not this most recent version, then check out the original from 1947.

The movie features a young girl, Susan Walker (played by Mara Wilson), who is the six-year-old on-screen daughter of Dorey Walker (Elizabeth Perkins).  Dorey works for one of New York City’s biggest department stores, Cole’s, and is charge of organising their annual Thanksgiving Parade.

A single mother who takes her career seriously and likes life to run smoothly, she has brought young Susan up to not believe in Santa Claus.  This works fine, until the actor playing Santa at the parade turns up drunk and needs to be replaced at incredibly short notice.

Enter the late Richard Attenborough, who takes up the position.  The only problem is, he believes he actually is the real Santa Claus and sets about trying to convince everyone of this.

What we thought

A real Christmas feel-good movie, the remake is really nicely done and suitable for all the family.  Attenborough is outstanding and it’s difficult to image anyone else playing the role better than him.

Young Mara Wilson also puts in a polished performance as the adorable Susan.  With Christmassy department stores and the whole NYC vibe, all-round it’s solid and enjoyable festive treat.