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If you’re looking to do some Christmas digital marketing, Feel Christmassy is always interested to hear from.

Feel Christmassy is a UK-based magazine website that produces original Christmas news, content and features on a variety of subjects linked to Christmas.  We implement an ambitious and varied content and social media strategy, and answer to no big corporations – we can do our own thing.

We love Christmas, but we love content also. We have experienced, qualified journalists who produce content they love and take pride in their work.  We want to provide visitors with great festive information all year-round, but especially during the festive build-up and holiday season, october until January.

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We’re open to all advertising queries, from simple banner ads, to sponsored content and full site takeovers. To speak to us about the opportunities, contact us on

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In our drive to get great new content, we are always keeping an eye on what’s new and what’s going on in the world.  We primarily target content related to movies, television, food and shopping, as well as general Christmas features.

If you have a product, or represent a company or individual, and you’re looking for some promotion, get in touch.  We are more than happy to review products, tours, shows, etc as long as we are not bound to say nice things.  We give our honest opinion, as we see it.  That’s why our users come back.

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